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We invite you to join us in our mission to build a faithful, vibrant, and welcoming Catholic community that is:

  • Conformed to Jesus Christ.

  • Open to the Spirit.

  • Rooted in the power of the Eucharist.

  • Enjoys the beauty of liturgical worship.

  • Informed by a deepening knowledge.

  • Encourages active practice of the faith.

  • Committed to reaching out in service to the needs of our world.

  • Sustained by a lifestyle of stewardship.

St. Pius X Catholic Church.
Rev. Dave

Know your Pastor

Rev. Dave Timmerman: Ordained 33 years for the Diocese of Madison. I was born in Milwaukee and raised in Watertown. My parents are the late Robert and Marie Timmerman. I have two sisters, Mary Anderson and Ann Fincutter. I am a graduate of Holy Name Seminary, St. Francis de Sales College Seminary, and St. John’s Collegeville, MN.

Pope Francis

Grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, gain knowledge of
religious education with             St. Pius X Catholic Church.

St. Pius X Catholic Church.

Visit our memorial prayer garden, experience serenity and peace.

Pope St. Pius X

"Holy Communion is the shortest and safest way to Heaven."

D. Hying Bishop use

There’s real joy giving our time and talent to the ministries.

St. Pius X Catholic Church.

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I found this in a recent missionary magazine and would like to share it with you!


Mother Mary, we your children are now sorely afflicted by the scourge of Coronavirus.  Kindly protect us from this disease, bring to quick recovery those who have been afflicted by it, and usher into eternal life those who have succumbed to it.

Also Mother Mary, we ask you to protect and encourage the doctors and nurses and other caregivers who spend themselves in tending those afflicted by Coronavirus.

Win for them the grace to see your beloved Son in the face of each patient, the prudence to handle with loving care each of God's sick children, and the kindness to nurse back to health each suffering victim.

Finally, Mother Mary, we invoke you as the Seat of Wisdom.  Give insight and perseverance and knowledge to doctors and researchers in their pursuit to find adequate medicines and vaccinations to cope with this disease.

Through your loving intercession, Mother Mary, may our worldwide human family receive the strength and courage to endure and overcome this silent evil that is causing so much suffering and pain and death.     Amen

Blessings,  Father Dave

St. Pius X Catholic Church.

Thank you to our sanitizing committee consisting of Phil and Sue Adas, Pat Long, Ray Herrick and Jane Brooks.  If you are interested in helping sanitize, please contact the parish office at 608-423-3015 x 102

St. Pius X Catholic Church.



PHONE 608-423-3015 X 102

The Following Items Are Available:

Side Tarps for Pop Up Tents (6);  Folding Tables - 6 & 8 Ft (30); Round Folding Tables - 5 Ft Dia. (3);  Metal Folding Chairs (90);Alum. Extension Ladders, 10 ft (2);  Christmas Tree Stands for Live Trees (5);  Room Humidifier (1); Hydraulic Lift Table on Wheels (1);  Dehumidifier, works (1); Saunder Wood Bookcase (1);  Several Electric Nesco Roasters  Donations Welcome

St. Pius X Catholic Church.


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The July 30, 2020 issue of the Catholic Herald features the Retirement Living section with resources and articles of interest for those in retirement or nearing retirement age.  This issue will also include a County Connection section focusing on Lafayette County and will feature the new Catechesis and Evangelization section prepared in cooperation with the Diocese Office of Evangelization and Catechesis.  Please contact our office to receive the Catholic Herald print or e-Edition in your home.  St. Pius will cover this cost.  Thank you.

St. Pius X Catholic Church.

St. Pius X

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